Lake Tahoe is a natural gem that spans across California and Nevada, surrounded by the picturesque Sierra Nevada Mountains. With its clear blue water, stunning mountain vistas, and year-round recreational opportunities, it is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. But how much do you know about this magnificent lake? Test your knowledge with these 20 multiple-choice questions.

  1. What is the maximum depth of Lake Tahoe?
    a. 524 feet
    b. 1,179 feet
    c. 1,645 feet
    d. 2,405 feet
  2. How long is the shoreline of Lake Tahoe?
    a. 72 miles
    b. 122 miles
    c. 192 miles
    d. 242 miles
  3. What is the average temperature of Lake Tahoe in the summer?
    a. 57°F
    b. 65°F
    c. 70°F
    d. 74°F
  4. How many streams and rivers flow into Lake Tahoe?
    a. 33
    b. 43
    c. 53
    d. 63
  5. What is the oldest town on the shores of Lake Tahoe?
    a. South Lake Tahoe
    b. Incline Village
    c. Tahoe City
    d. Kings Beach
  6. What is the highest peak in the Lake Tahoe Basin?
    a. Mount Tallac
    b. Mount Rose
    c. Freel Peak
    d. Pyramid Peak
  7. What is the largest island in Lake Tahoe?
    a. Fannette Island
    b. Emerald Bay Island
    c. Sand Harbor Island
    d. Crystal Bay Island
  8. How many ski resorts are located around Lake Tahoe?
    a. 7
    b. 11
    c. 15
    d. 19
  9. What is the name of the famous hiking trail that encircles Lake Tahoe?
    a. Tahoe Rim Trail
    b. Sierra High Route
    c. Pacific Crest Trail
    d. John Muir Trail
  10. What is the unique feature of the Lahontan Cutthroat Trout species in Lake Tahoe?
    a. They glow in the dark.
    b. They can change colors to blend with their surroundings.
    c. They can live in both freshwater and saltwater.
    d. They are the largest fish species in the lake.
  11. What was the original name of Lake Tahoe?
    a. Lake Bigler
    b. Lake Carson
    c. Lake Washoe
    d. Lake Fremont
  12. What is the most populated town on the shores of Lake Tahoe?
    a. South Lake Tahoe
    b. Tahoe City
    c. Incline Village
    d. Zephyr Cove
  13. How many people visit Lake Tahoe each year?
    a. 5 million
    b. 8 million
    c. 10 million
    d. 15 million
  14. What is the name of the famous wooden boat that offers tours of Lake Tahoe?
    a. Tahoe Cruiser
    b. Tahoe Queen
    c. Tahoe Tug
    d. Tahoe Voyager
  15. What is the name of the famous mansion located on the shores of Emerald Bay?
    a. Vikingsholm
    b. Tahoeholm
    c. Emeraldholm
    d. Mountainholm
  16. How many acres of forest surround Lake Tahoe?
    a. 75,000 acres
    b. 110,000 acres
    c. 135,000 acres
    d. 160,000 acres
  17. What is the origin of the name “Tahoe”?
    a. Native American
    b. Spanish
    c. French
    d. Russian
  18. How deep is the water clarity of Lake Tahoe?
    a. 50 feet
    b. 70 feet
    c. 90 feet
    d. 100 feet
  19. What is the highest peak around Lake Tahoe?
    a. 7,891 feet
    b. 8,891 feet
    c. 9,891 feet
    d. 10,891 feet
  20. What is the name of the famous environmentalist and conservationist who owned a cabin on the west shore of Lake Tahoe and helped preserve the area?
    a. John Muir
    b. Rachel Carson
    c. Aldo Leopold
    d. Henry David Thoreau



  1. c. 1,645 feet
  2. a. 72 miles
  3. c. 70°F
  4. b. 43
  5. c. Tahoe City
  6. c. Freel Peak
  7. a. Fannette Island
  8. c. 15
  9. a. Tahoe Rim Trail
  10. b. They can change colors to blend with their surroundings.
  11. a. Lake Bigler
  12. a. South Lake Tahoe
  13. d. 15 million
  14. b. Tahoe Queen
  15. a. Vikingsholm
  16. d. 160,000
  17. a. Native American
  18. d. 100 feet
  19. d. 10,891 feet
  20. a. John Muir